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My world came to a halt in 1992 when I was told I had a permanent, life-threatening neurological condition and that I needed to get my affairs in order.

I was 35 years old and frankly, felt I was too young to die.  It was at that time I remembered my dad's words when he dropped me off at my first day at university: "Your main job at university is to learn how to learn."

And although I had neither internet nor a doctor to help me, I set forth to "save my own life." 

And honesty, before I started my quest to save my life,  I said a short prayer and made this deal with God "Please get me out of this medical hell hole and I promise I'll spend the rest of my life helping the world heal."

No joke. 

That was 'the deal' I made with God.  And because I did find my way back to health again, I have ever since thankfully been paying that promise back to Him.

I earned a license to practice medicine (1995)

I opened a clinic in Melbourne Florida (1995)

I was invited to be a Board Adviser for a prominent nutrition company. (2002)

I was asked to travel the USA and lecture to physician groups (2004)

I began to give weekly community lectures in my hometown (2007)

I was awarded Leader in Innovative Medicine (2008).

I was asked to give several webinars to physician groups (2009)

And here I am now,  much older and (hopefully) wiser, and I find myself in the same place as when I first opened up my clinic doors in 1995--....unable to reach the masses of people that need to hear the words "Take your power back!  You have the power to regain and maintain a life of active and healthy vigor!"

I look around and see the majority of Americans suffering with health problems.

I see these suffering souls either unable to find the answers they need to feel better or spending their hard-earned money on products that either don't have anything to do with their health problem OR the product has a non-therapeutic level of just window dressing.

If I've been told once I've been told a hundred times "You need to write a book!"

And while that may be true, I find the process of writing and publishing to be slow and cannot keep pace with the speed at which research and development scientists are making health-related breakthroughs.  I love learning and nothing gives me such a feeling of purpose than passing on my new found information to those it may benefit.

As of May 2010, I've decided to take the next step in getting important health information out to those that need it---FREE PUBLIC  HEALTH WEBINARS.

Honestly, I don't know if this health university webinar concept is going to work or not. 

I just know I have a driving force within me propelling me to do this. 

And I keep dreaming the words "build it and they will come"....

And HOW will I accomplish this vision that won't leave my conscious or unconscious mind? 

How will I do it?

w--  With a WILLINGNESS to try

Or, as Walt Disney once said "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."

Meanwhile, why not share our website and free webinars with a friend?  Perhaps they, like you, have a desire to "invest in themself" and take the time to study the most state-of-the-art "owner's manual to life" they never got.....

Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
May 2010

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